Have you tried Telus Optik TV yet?

January 22, 2015Comments Off on Have you tried Telus Optik TV yet?

Powered by a fibre optic network that is 20 times speedier than standard cable, TELUS Optik TVᵀᴹ is plug-in ready and set to revolutionize your home viewing experience.

Outfit up to 6 TV’s in your home with an HD compatible digital box and instantly access the HD channel lineup included in your Optik TVᵀᴹ subscription. With over 500 channels, including 100 in vivid HD, you watch what you want, whenever you want to watch it.

With PVR Anywhere, you give every TV in your house the ability to record, view, and pause taped entertainment. Just walk away from one TV and pick up where you left off on another. Away from your TV and want to program the PVR? Use the Optik TV mobile app and you hit record from wherever you are.

Stop in and let us show you how you could benefit from Telus Optik TV!


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