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Raise The Bar With High Definition TV…

Get ready for TELUS Optik TVᵀᴹ


Powered by a fibre optic network that is 20 times speedier than standard cable, TELUS Optik TVᵀᴹ is plug-in ready and set to revolutionize your home viewing experience.

Outfit up to 6 TV’s in your home with an HD compatible digital box and instantly access the HD channel lineup included in your Optik TVᵀᴹ subscription. With over 500 channels, including 100 in vivid HD, you watch what you want, whenever you want to watch it.

With PVR Anywhere, you give every TV in your house the ability to record, view, and pause taped entertainment. Just walk away from one TV and pick up where you left off on another. Away from your TV and want to program the PVR? Use the Optik TV mobile app and you hit record from wherever you are.

High definition TV you have to see to believe

You spent a lot of time choosing the best HDTV television for your home and lifestyle. And after all of the deliberation, you just want to be able to hook up your cable and have instant access to all of the quality programming a TV of that caliber deserves. With TELUS Optik TVᵀᴹ HD channels are included in your programming lineup, so you don’t have to sign up for anything extra to access all of your favourites in high-definition.

Sometimes 3D is the way to go. With TELUS Optik TVᵀᴹ you are 3D ready the instant you subscribe. Just grab your 3D glasses, turn to channel 656, and get ready to duck as bright, lifelike 3D streams straight into your living room. You can sign up for 3D on Demand movies too, just by clicking your remote control.[/two_third_last]

PVR, anywhere you go

If you really think about it, how often do you just sit down in one spot when you are at home? Between dinner, pets, or kids, it’s a rare thing to be able to sit motionless for any length of time. To keep up with the entertainment content you want to watch, your TV needs to be powered by a PVR that can multitask even better than you can. Luckily, the freedom to move is right at your fingertips.
PVR Anywhere, powered by the award-winning Microsoft® Mediaroomᵀᴹ, is the smartest PVR experience available on the market. Exclusive to TELUS Optik TVᵀᴹ, PVR Anywhere lets you save your favourite movies and TV shows with a simple tap of the record button. With the ability to record 115 hours of HD programming or 295 hours of traditional standard definition content, you know you’ll never run out of space mid-movie.

Take control of your television experience

With PVR Anywhere, your entire home is connected and ready to display your taped entertainment. Record up to 3 shows at one time from any room in your house, not just the TV where you have your PVR. Heading to another part of the house but don’t want to stop watching your program? Pause your show mid-stream and pick it up in another room without missing a beat.

Record a single program or your favourite series, all with the touch of a button on your remote control. You can fast forward through commercials or rewind live television to the exact spot you want to start watching. Even better? When you have a digital box on up to other TV’s in your home, you can set your PVR to record through any of them.

When you are on the go outside of your house, so is your TELUS Optik TVᵀᴹ. Download the Optik TVᵀᴹ app available for your mobile phone and search through the guide, decide if you want to watch your program in HD or standard analog, and set it to tape. No matter if you are on a ski hill or sitting on the bus, your PVR anywhere is ready and waiting to record.

Digital cable that’s in a league of it’s own

Sitcoms, reality shows, children’s programming and movies; TELUS Optik TVᵀᴹ gives you the power to pick and choose from a variety of entertainment. Watch first-run movies the day they are released on Blu-Ray® with HD on Demand. You’ll never feel that you are lacking the movie theatre experience; with Optik TVᵀᴹ you can view box office hits on true widescreen format, giving you the big screen experience right in your home.

Love live sports but don’t like to leave the house to watch them? Invite your friends over for a live viewing party; just push a button and get ready to cheer on the latest live sporting events with HD Pay Per View.

Sometimes there is so much to watch that you can’t choose just one show. Easily check out what else is on with Picture-in-Picture, an Optik TVᵀᴹ feature that lets you scroll through and see what else is on while still keeping one eye on the program or movie you are currently watching.

TELUS Optik TVᵀᴹ doesn’t neglect your speakers either. With the deep, rich sound of 5.1 Dolby® Digital, your movie soundtracks will come to life through your home theatre speakers.

The Power to Control

Hooking up a subscription to TELUS Optik TVᵀᴹ is easy, but controlling your programming once its installed is even simpler. The Optik TVTM Interactive Programming Guide will have you scrolling through hundreds of TV shows, movies, and music in no time.

Plan your TV viewing by checking out schedules two weeks in advance, sorting through detailed information on actors, plots, and time slots. You can create a favourites list of all of your channels, removing those that you don’t have access to or haven’t ordered yet, so you don’t have to scroll through endless pages to get to the programs you want. Can’t quite remember the name of a show you really want to check out? Use the handy keyword search. You can find a show based on an actor, director, or single word.

When you have little ones grabbing the remote control, you are always worried about whether they will see inappropriate content on television. Take control of what your family is viewing; parental controls improve your children’s television experience by blocking channels or content by rating.

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