TELUS Smart Home Security

TELUS limited time offer

Order online today and get an additional $100 added to your plan’s $200 bill credit.

Control and monitor your home from anywhere.

Manage security cameras, sensors, and other smart devices in real-time. You can even receive timely notifications and reminders to ensure that your family is safe at home.

Keep your home comfortable and efficent.

Set up lights, temperature to adjust based on your comfort and energy conservation goals. A smart thermostat can help you save up to 60% of your energy costs during high usage months. 

Easy to control and manage.

Simple to use Smart Home App, lets you manage your home security from a smartphone, voice paired Amazon Alexa or Siri. Control of your entire home security including lights, thermostat, and the live video feed from your door.

24/7 safety and protection.

Our smart home security experts will monitor your home and take action if there is any break-ins, fires, floods, or carbon monoxide warnings. You will be notified on your SmartHome Security app.

Find out how TELUS SmartHome Security can help you.

Save on insurance.


TELUS SmartHome Security will help you save on home insurance. With a professionally monitored home alarm, you can save up to 20% on your insurance premiums. 

Reduce your monthly energy bill.


Manage heating and lights to reduce your utility bills. The smart thermostat, smart lightbulb, and other smart home automation products will help you to conserve energy. 

HD Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

See what’s happening around your home.

This weather-proof camera can capture live and recorded video around your home.

Smart Thermostat

Enjoy all-day comfort while saving money on energy costs.

Remotely control your home’s temperature or let it adjust to your family’s needs automatically.

Smart Lights

Take advantage of fully automated, energy-efficient lighting.

Set them to turn on at sunset or with motion in the evening.

Flood Sensor

Be aware of potential flooding as soon as it occurs.

Be notified of emergencies that may cause property damage.  Take action  before it’s too late.

Smart Smoke Sensor

If smoke is detected in your home, you will be notified.

A great addition to your existing smoke sensor.

Smart Lock

Remotely lock and unlock your front door.

Create a unique code that only works at the times you specify. Ideal for visitors, temporary access and deliveries.

Slimline Doorbell Camera

See and converse when someone is at the at door.

Hear the bell ring, see who’s there and have a two-way conversation regardless of where you are. 

  • This is available solely by setting up a call back for the Secure plan, Control plan, Control + Video plan, or the Secure + Video plan.
  • A technician will come to your house and complete any work that is necessary for installation outside of the home.
  • Any remaining devices will be left outside (all the devices are completely sanitized) and you will be guided through all of the setup remaining via video chat.
  • This is available for the Smart Automation, Smart Camera, or Smart Automation plus Video plan.
  • You will get a Smart Home Security Self-Install Kit that has all necessary instructions and devices in it.
  • Install the system in your own time, with access to online resource guidance and call-in support if necessary.