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TELUS Internet


Enjoy unlimited high speed and high performance internet.

For only $99/month you can get TELUS PureFibre Gigabit Internet – the fastest internet technology out there.

Experience the fastest internet.

PCMag ranked TELUS as Canada’s fastest major internet provider, based on a national average. TELUS is leading the market with upload speeds of 940 Mbps and download speeds of up to 1,500 Mbps. Experience quick downloads and smooth streaming as well as video chat.

Access the fastest Wi-Fi everywhere in your home

Increase Wi-FI performance

The mesh network delivers the best signal and is always available. For higher performance, add boosters to expand your coverage even more.

Mange Wi-Fi with one tap

TELUS My Wi-Fi app lets you manage and control the Wi-Fi network from your smartphone to pause, monitor usage, and create family profiles.

Fantastic whole-home coverage

Our whole home Wi-Fi performance will give you the fastest Wi-Fi speeds, even when multiple devices are connected.

Why go with TELUS Internet?

Incredible streaming experience

With TELUS high speed internet, you can enjoy crystal-clear images and incredible sound with cutting-edge streaming. Binge-watch with the entire family or on your own devices at the same time.

Gamer friendly internet

Enjoy amazing gaming experience with low latency and minimal lag time.

Full fibre optic internet connection.

The fibre optic link offers speedy and reliable connections. Call us to check if TELUS fibre optic service is available for your home.

TELUS high speed internet – available today

With incredible download speeds and performance for entertainment and work at home.



Get the entertainment you love in 4K HDR

Movies, sports and more choice than ever

TELUS TV allows you to watch premium streaming services, enjoy more shows than ever, and view on-demand movies. Let us help you build a package for entertainment, sports and movies, and you’ll never run out of shows to watch. With 40 theme packs, 300+ channels, and 14 premium options, we have something for everyone.

Incredible Picture Quality

Get immersed in the incredibly detailed and realistic TV viewing experience, with the unbelievable quality of the 4K HDR service


Experience the fast and powerful 4K PVR, allowing you to watch the incredible 4K quality live, or record in 4K to view later.


Just one PVR allows you to record up to 5 HD shows at once from any room in your home.


You can store up to 100 hours in 4K or 400 hours in HD, allowing you to save your favourite shows and movies to watch when you want.


The 4K PVR also features a wide range of entertaining apps, including Netflix, TED and Stingray Music.

Wireless digital boxes

Experience the ease and flexibility of wireless digital boxes. Watch from any TV in the house or move your TV anywhere you want. View your favourite shows, sports, news or movies without running cables or restricting your viewing to one spot in the house. Sign up for a 2-year term and get a free wireless digital box rental.

4K Wireless Digital Box

Enjoy 4K experience.

HD Wireless Digital Box

Enjoy HD TV.

Experience the magic of Optik for 30 days, and if you don’t like it, you can cancel for a refund.


One free PVR rental


One free wireless digital box rental to power a 2nd TV


No charge installation on existing TV outlets/phone jacks.


Secure and safe installation

Apps created to provide a fantastic entertainment experience.


Customized to fit our way of life, whether at home or on the go.


A whole new way to enjoy your favourite music.


Control see what you want, when you want it.

Optik TV apps available on your TV

Optik TV apps available on your mobile device